Photos from 2024 Appreciation Dinner

The second annual CSGW Appreciation Dinner was held January 10, 2024 at the Wellington County Museum and Archives.

The event, attended by police partners, media partners, Board members, and other program supporters, featured a dinner followed by a short program.

One of the awards presented was the annual Cornerstone Award. Congratulations to The Grand at 101!
Guelph Police Service Chief Gord Cobey brings greetings at the 2024 CSGW Appreciation Dinner.
Wellington County OPP Detachment Commander Inspector Steve Thomas reinforces the importance in community safety, while PC Beth Hickey looks on.
CSGW Chair Dave Elloway presents OACS and CSI awards to PC Beth Hickey while Vice Chair Lowell Butts looks on.
CSGW Chair Dave Ellloway presents OACS and CSI awards to Victim Services Executive Director Elizabeth Kent while Vice Chair Lowell Butts looks on.
The CSGW Board of Directors participate in their own Flag Raising at the 2024 Appreciation Dinner.

Following the social portion of the event, CSGW guests left for the evening and the monthly Board meeting was held. This was a great way to mark Crime Stoppers Month 2024. The theme for CSGW was “Join The CSGW Team”. If you are interested in volunteering with CSGW, go to “Support Us” on the CSGW website.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and to those were not able to join us, hopefully you will be part of our event in 2025.

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