University of Guelph Road Signs Generate CSGW Awareness

Pat Martin, Manager of Campus Community Police & Fire Safety for the University of Guelph, stands with CSGW Program Coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter at one of the newly acquired CSGW road signs.



The University of Guelph (UoG) recently purchased and erected three signs on various locations on the main campus. The signs, which include the toll-free number, the website and the Safe Gryphon app, are designed to increase awareness and generate interest amongst students, faculty and staff.

Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington has a Memorandum of Understanding with University of Guelph Police Service, which allows CSGW to forward Campus-related tips to Campus Police. This evolved into CSGW being integrated into the Safe Gryphon app, which is a multi-faceted tool for keeping students safe. It’s easy to download onto any smartphone from any app store. The road signs are the latest step in increasing CSGW profile on campus, and with three signs in three busy locations, they will be hard to miss.

CSGW also participated in Orientation week festivities which welcomes students to campus, and will give CSGW exposure alongside their policing partners. CSGW continues to look for was to work with UoG and is pleased to have such an enthusiastic response thus far.

Here, from left, Treasurer Bonnie Facklam, UoG student Liam, Sgt Steve Forbes from UoG Campus Police and Program Coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter stand at the Chuck-A-Chicken activity during Orientation Week in September.

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