Record-Setting Guelph Shredding Event

Outstanding community support resulted in a record-setting Guelph Shredding Event on September 12.

The line-up of customers started before 8 a.m. and the stream of vehicles was constant until the event wrapped up at 1 p.m. in the parking lot of SkyJack on Woodlawn Road West. Shredding services were provided by Wasteco.

CSGW volunteers and SkyJack and Wasteco reps announce $3,970 was raised at the 2020 Guelph Shredding Event. Those on hand include, from left, CSGW Vice Chair Dave Elloway, Board members Jennifer Marlowe and Beth Burns, CSGW Secretary Alex Boughen, SkyJack Trade Show & Event Specialist Jennifer Rotheram, CSGW Board member Marc Poland and Wasteco operator Kirk Spencer.

All volunteers and representatives wore face masks, used hand sanitizer and provided contact information prior to starting the event, all in keeping with COVID-19 requirements.

CSGW Board member Jennifer Marlowe is tested by SkyJack rep Jennifer Rotheram prior to the event opening.

Customers were thrilled to see the event return for the 2020 season, with many stating they had time to organize their documents. They paid $5 per bankers box sized bundle of documents, with many customers adding donations to their payments.

CSGW hosts this event annually and strives to increase awareness of Identity Theft within the City of Guelph. If you missed it, the next Shredding Event will be held Oct 31, 2020 in Mount Forest at the Wellington North Fire Hall on Main Street from 9 a.m. to noon.

While Wasteco rep Kirk Spencer operates the shredding truck, CSGW Board volunteers, from left, Marc Poland, Secretary Alex Boughen and Vice Chair Dave Elloway are joined by SkyJack’s VP of Marketing, Malcom Early and CSGW Board volunteer Beth Burns at a pile of shredding brought to the 2020 Guelph Shredding Event. Thank you to SkyJack for allowing us to use your parking lot again this year!

Thank you to SkyJack, who continues to be an outstanding supporter of CSGW; to Wasteco for their outstanding service, and most importantly, our loyal and patient customers. We appreciate your donations to our program.

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