#maymulchmonth Fundraisers Successful in Mount Forest and Guelph

When COVID-19 shut down events throughout the area this past spring, local Home Hardware partners helped Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington by offering #maymulchmonth.

The concept was to offer a portion of proceeds from each bag of mulch sold throughout the month of May. Traditionally, Mulch Sale fundraisers are held in Guelph, Fergus and Mount Forest as one day only events with proceeds going to support the organization and to help pay Tipster rewards. By presenting the option for customers to purchase throughout the month, known as #maymulchmonth, they could shop when it was convenient for them.

#maymulchmonth was originally conceived by Marty Young at Young’s Home Hardware, and was quickly adopted by Andre Belisle of JL’s Home Hardware. No CSGW volunteers were able to be on site to assist with the sales, due to physical distancing and store policies.

Regardless, the community rallied for CSGW and took advantage of the opportunity to support the organization.

Marty Young, left, owner of Young’s Home Hardware in Mount Forest, joins CSGW Chair Deryck West in announcing that #maymulchmonth raised $529 in Mount Forest.

CSGW is but one of many community organizations that are struggling with cancelled fundraisers during the global pandemic. Thanks to community leaders such as Marty and Andre, CSGW has some funding.

CSGW Vice Chair Dave Elloway, left, stands with Andre Belisle of JL’s Home Hardware in Guelph as they announce $716 raised during #maymulchmonth in Guelph

The CSGW Board of Directors express their thanks and appreciation to both these community-minded businesses and to all the customers who supported #maymulchmonth.

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