Recognition for CSGW Supporters

It was time to say ‘Thank you’ to two supporters who have advocated for Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington in different ways.

Retired Inspector Scott Lawson, former Detachment Commander for Wellington County OPP, was included in the Christmas dinner and annual general meeting for CSGW on December 11. At that time, Chair Rick Beazley expressed thanks and appreciation to Inspector Lawson for his advocacy of CSGW.

Following these remarks, Inspector Lawson was presented with token of appreciation; a gift card and a special award for his desk, a version of a Cornerstone Award which CSGW presents annual in January for Crime Stoppers month.

Inspector Scott Lawson (left) accepts a gift of appreciation from CSGW Chair Rick Beazley.

Inspector Lawson recounted his experience with CSGW, including modifying the Program Coordinator role from an OPP uniform position to an OPP civilian position. He expressed his pleasure in seeing the program grow and thrive during his tenure, becoming one of the top programs in the country.

Inspector addresses the CSGW Board of Directors, having received his token of appreciation at the Annual General Meeting.

Later in the meeting, the Board recognized the contributions of long-serving member John Svensson. John not only received a certificate of appreciation from Chair Rick Beazley, but also a 15-year pin from the Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers.

Long-serving member John Svensson accepts a certificate of appreciation from CSGW Chair Rick Beazley.

John, who has served in multiple roles on the executive, started with the program in January 2004. Thank you John for giving your time and talents to CSGW.

CSGW believes in recognizing its supporters, without which the program would not succeed. Thank you to those who have contributed CSGW.

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