No Room For Hate Launches in Wellington

There’s No Room For Hate in the County of Wellington.

Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW) partnered with Victim Services Wellington and Wellington County OPP to create No Room For Hate, designed to increase awareness of this crime locally, offer supports to victims, and create understanding for victims of this crime.

CSGW applied for and received funding from the Ministry of the Solicitor General to increase awareness of fraud in the County of Wellington.

This campaign, launching September 11, 2023, features an in person or online presentation, and supplemented by social media, print advertising and radio advertising campaigns. A special one-day event is also being planned for November with additional information forthcoming on No Room For Hate social media platforms and .

The logic of No Room For Hate, according to CSGW Program Coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter, is to shine a light on a crime that targets valued members of the community.

“Few people believe that Hate Crime happens in rural communities,” she said. “We know that crime against black and indigenous communities, religious groups and the LGBTQ2S+ communities can and do happen anywhere.”

Bowers-Peter points out as these crime target minority groups, a majority of the population will not experience these crimes, as they do with other crimes such as fraud. She states the objective of the campaign is inform all members of the community and use CSGW as the call to action to report the crime anonymously and confidentially.

By partnering with Victim Services Wellington, supports for victims of Hate Crime are highlighted. Increased understanding of the realities of the victims of Hate Crime is also a key objective.

“Hate Crime is complicated and yet very straight forward” said Bowers-Peter. “We know residents of the County of Wellington want all members of the community to be safe.”

If you would like to book your free No Room For Hate presentation, go to “Contact Us” and request a date.

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