Johnson Cornerstone Winner 2018

Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW) has named Kevin Johnson, and his business Quantum Slice Corporation, as the Cornerstone Award recipient for 2018.

Johnson, who started working with CSGW to overhaul the website in 2016, is a resident of the Township of Puslinch. He reached out to Program Coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter to express interest in working with Crime Stoppers to revitalize the site. The result is a provincially and internationally acclaimed website that is easier for the public to navigate, and considerably more user-friendly for staff. Johnson continues to assist with the website and is often providing insight and advice on how to maximize the effectiveness of the platform. He also provides support and troubleshoots any concerns staff have regarding the site.

“We jumped into the 21st Century when Kevin walked us through the redesign,” said Bowers-Peter. “We get regular feedback on the website, either saying how much people like it, how much other programs want to adopt the design. It’s a design to be proud of – and we are.”

Johnson offers his services free of charge for CSGW, expressing his desire to support a program that is key to keeping the community safe. CSGW was in desperate need of an updated site, but simply could not afford the cost of a redesign.

“The fact that Kevin continues to support Crime Stoppers by offering ongoing support for the website says a great deal about his commitment to the program,” said Chair Rick Beazley. “He is one of the people behind the scenes to directly contribute to the success of our program, and for that reason, the Board of Directors believe he is a deserving recipient of the 2018 Cornerstone Award.”

The website is more than an awareness vehicle for the program, as it serves as a method of reporting crime through a customized reporting system used by all Crime Stoppers programs. While many Tipsters still call in their information by dialing 1-800-222-TIPS, webtips through are increasing, and often outnumber phone calls. This means the website needs to be clear and concise.

CSGW Vice Chair, Deryck West, holds the Cornerstone Plaque, while 2018 winner Kevin Johnson receives the Cornerstone Award from CSGW Chair Rick Beazley. Johnson was fundamental in the redesign and ongoing maintenance of the CSGW website, which has won provincial and international recognition.

“It’s such an honor to be recognized by the Crime Stoppers organization. There are so many people that work so hard to make CSGW a success and every one of them deserves this award,” said Johnson. “I was completely taken by surprise when presented the award by the Board and it strongly reinforced my belief that if everyone makes a small effort to contribute and volunteer in their community we really can make a lasting positive impact. Puslinch has a long history of volunteerism and I’m proud to continue this tradition.”

The Cornerstone Award is presented to an individual, business or community group that demonstrates outstanding contributions to the CSGW program. It is awarded annually in January during Crime Stoppers Month.






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