CSGW Flag goes to Town of Erin Council Meeting

Erin was the latest stop on the CSGW flag tour for the June 19th meeting of Town of Erin Council. 

Program Coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter updated council on CSGW statistics, as well as the numerous initiatives and awards presented to the program.

Council was very pleased with the work being done by CSGW, and asked what could be done to help support the program in its efforts to increase awareness in Erin and surrounding areas. It was suggested that CSGW could work with senior staff to development awareness initiatives or implement existing CSGW programming. 

Following the delegation, members of Erin council joined CSGW Board member Marlene Coughlin (far left) and Bowers-Peter (far right) for a photo with the CSGW flag.

As part of the 30th Anniversary of CSGW, the program’s flag is touring all the municipalities to celebrate solving crimes and supporting communities throughout the County of Wellington.

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