“Where in Wellington Is Crime Stoppers” Contest

Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington is kicking off an exciting contest that will have you asking “Where in Wellington is Crime Stoppers?!”

Each week, starting June 4, a photo of the brand new CSGW truck will be posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Share this photo with the location of the truck and use the hashtag #CSGW30TRUCK and you will be entered into a draw for some amazing prizes.

Thanks to the County of Wellington, we have three Taste The Real baskets, in addition there will be CSGW Swag and a $150 detail package thanks to our good friends at Wellington Motors in Guelph. There is no limit to the number of times you can enter. We will make the draw on Facebook Live on August 3, 2018, the date of our 30th Birthday!


This contest will help you appreciate some of the amazing places we have in Wellington County, and that Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington is here to keep all of them safe. 

Spread the word and make sure you are following us on social media!

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