Join the CSGW Team

January is Crime Stoppers month and each year a new theme is adopted.

This year, Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington is focusing on volunteerism with the call to action “Join The CSGW Team”.

Those interested in being part of the Crime Stoppers movement have a couple of options when it comes to volunteering.


CSGW has a volunteer Board of Directors. These volunteers come from all areas of the City of Guelph and County of Wellington. They come from a variety of backgrounds and donate their time and talent to making CSGW an engaged and represented organization.

One must apply to be a Board member. Qualified candidates must live or work in the City of Guelph or County of Wellington.

The application form is located on the CSGW website, and can be found here. Once your application has been received, you will be asked to meet with Program, Membership and Nomination Committee members for an interview. The committee will then bring forward their findings to the Board of Directors. If your interview is successful and the Board is interesting in having you join, you will be asked to provide a completed Criminal Record Check with the police service in your area, either Wellington County OPP or Guelph Police Service. If you are charged a fee, you will be compensated by CSGW once you have been accepted to the Board. You will also be required to take an Oath of Secrecy, and sign relevant paperwork to ensure you understand the roles and responsibilities of a Board member.

NOTE: as Crime Stoppers has an arms-length relationship with police and other investigative agencies, we do not accept applications from active police investigators (retired members are fine) or anyone employed in the criminal/judicial system.

When your clear Criminal Record Check is provided to CSGW, you will participate in a hour-long orientation, and then be advised of the date of your first Board meeting. New members enter into a 90-day training term. This means they cannot vote or represent the Board but they can contribute to discussion and share their views at Board meetings. Once the term is complete, they are Board members with all the responsibilities and abilities of their peers.

As a Board member, you are expected to share the Crime Stoppers message in person and through your network of contacts. You will represent CSGW at photo opportunities and public events such as fundraisers and awareness event. Board members also serve on subcommittees where they help guide the program and ensure the viability of CSGW. AllĀ  Board members are expected to participate in events through the City of Guelph and County of Wellington.

Board meetings are once a month and usually held online, with a few in person meetings scheduled as needed by the Board.


Friends of Crime Stoppers are individuals who are called upon to help with various events to represent the program or supplement the volunteer support alongside Board members.

This may include community tables, fundraisers and other awareness events. You are not required to handle money.

Friends of Crime Stoppers is a great option for someone who does not have the ability to commit to the monthly responsibilities of a Board member, but still want to volunteer their time to CSGW.

The application process is the same, except you will not be required to attend Board meetings or serve on committees. The form can be found here.

You will be added to an email distribution list and receive an email when CSGW is looking for volunteer support. You then advise of your availability for these events.


CSGW is a great option for youth looking for volunteer hours. If you want to be added to our list of student volunteers “Contact Us” and let us know your name, contact information and where you are available to help in the City of Guelph or County of Wellington.

Make this the year that you “Join the CSGW Team”!





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