Bucket Sale Success

The partnership between Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW) and Young’s Home Hardware has resulted in another successful fundraiser in Wellington North.

The January Bucket Sale, held in concert with Crime Stoppers Month, saw $566.45 raised for CSGW. The sale, held Saturday January 20, 2018, saw Young’s Home Hardware customers donate a minimum of $5 CSGW to obtain a Home Hardware bucket. They were then able to shop with the bucket and any items that were not already on sale that fit in the bucket were discounted 20% at the cash register. The buckets were donated by Young’s Home Hardware.

Those on hand for the announcement include, from left, CSGW Board member Rob Mattice, Young’s Home Hardware owner Marty Young, CSGW Vice Chair Deryck West, and Program Coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter

This time the sale was a one-day event, with a second date being planned for August 2018. CSGW and Young’s Home Hardware also partner for the annual Mulch Sale, which is slated for April 28. 

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