Mount Forest Shredding Event tops $1,970 for 2021

A change of date did not deter Mount Forest Shredding Event customers.

On October 2nd, volunteers were met by Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW) Shredding Event patrons as early as 8 a.m., a full hour before the event was to start. While most were repeat customers, familiar with the importance of reducing identity theft, there were a number of new faces. Some members of the public took the opportunity to pop in to simply offer a donation to the organization. This event had previously been held at the end of October.


CSGW volunteers along with Wasteco Canada representatives announce the successful result of the 2021 Mount Forest Shredding Event.

The steady stream of customers resulted in the second highest grossing shredding event in Mount Forest resulting in $1,970 for CSGW. This is second only to last year’s record-setting earnings.

Sponsors Desjardins Insurance Agent Deryck West and The Co-operators – Robert J. Cottell and Associates ensured that all funds raised at the event went directly to CSGW. The cost of the Wasteco truck was covered by this generous support.

Thank you to the amazing volunteers who enjoyed the much more temperate weather, as well as our generous supporters. Fundraising is how CSGW pays Tipster rewards and runs the program. Fundraising is also the primary function of our Board of Directors.

Identity Theft is referred to as the “Crime of the 21st Century”. It is an ongoing issue that can leave individuals with crippling debt, a mountain of red tape and can take years of painstaking work to restore your good name. Meanwhile, criminals have made off with your credit rating, obtained a passport or even opened accounts using your information. Always be careful with your personal information and ensure documents are disposed of properly.

This event draws a close to the fundraisers for 2021. Keep checking our website for future fundraisers.

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