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CSGW is educating and empowering youth to be active in reducing crime. Through in-class presentations we can demonstrate why it’s important for young people to report crime they see now, and why a low crime rate is vital for their future.

Whether we are partnered with a uniformed officer or on our own, students can expect an interesting, enlightening, interactive and relatable experience that has been supported by Upper Grand District School Board and Wellington Catholic District School Board.

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Q: How do I know when to call?
A: Maybe you overheard someone bragging about committing a crime, or know someone who is driving a stolen car, or hiding from police, or is dealing drugs, or is breaking into cars. Perhaps you’ve seen something that doesn’t look right at school, at home or in the community. Any of these things would be good to call in to CSGW.

Q: What if I don’t know if what I saw is important information?
A: Call anyway. We will forward your information to the police to decide if it’s important. It may be piece of a puzzle to a bigger crime.

Q: If I’m not sure about the info, will the wrong person be arrested?
A: Police have to do a thorough investigation before arresting an individual. If there is no evidence, the individual cannot be arrested. This goes for prank calls too!

Q: You say CSGW is anonymous, but how do I know for sure?
A: This is the MOST important part of our program, and we know that if we didn’t keep you anonymous, no one would ever use Crime Stoppers again. Ever. Or anywhere around the world! Because of this, we don’t take your name, don’t use technology to track your phone number and we remove anything in your information that may accidentally identify you. It’s the same when you submit through webtips; we never get your email address because you don’t use it to submit the tip. You are adding information to our webtip portal. We are constantly updating our IT to ensure we have the latest technology to prevent any data breaches. Keeping you anonymous keeps you safe! REMEMBER: You must also protect your identity by not telling anyone you called!

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