5 Tips, 5 Ideas, 5 Signs


5 Tips, 5 Ideas, 5 Signs came about following presentations where parents and guardians were dismayed at the idea that computers, tablets and cellular devices are being utilized by predators to engage with their children.

We know this is happening, based on first hand accounts from students during school presentations, and investigations by our police partners, as well as Victim Services Guelph Wellington.

In order to address this disconnect, Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW) developed a simple and actionable list of 5 Tips on How to Talk to Kids about Cyber Safety & Human Trafficking; 5 Ideas on How to Keep your Child Cyber Safe & Human Trafficking Aware; and 5 Signs Your Child is Being Groomed. The idea of 5 5 5 is that it is simple to have conversations with our kids; ideally before they get a device, but certainly before they run into trouble.

We know youth in the City of Guelph and County of Wellington are being solicited. Grooming starts at a young age and the tactics can be clever and cruel. We also know predators use social media platforms as well as online gaming platforms to engage with youth. It’s where the kids are.

Therefore, we have to talk about keeping our children safe, not just in the real world, but in the digital world as well.

CSGW, in partnership with Wellington County OPP and Guelph Police Service, offers in person and online presentations to educate parents and guardians and answer any and all questions.

There are NO dumb questions.


Thankfully, when CSGW took this concept to 100 Men Who Give a Damn – Guelph and 100 Women Who Care – Rural Wellington, both groups supported the concept. Funds were donated to aid CSGW in developing a radio advertising campaign, produce a video that can be used on social media and on this website, as well as social media promotion and traditional print media advertising. Funds were also used to develop print assets to hand out to audience members, as well as four large and colourful floor banners that spell out the 5 5 5 message.

To these two community-minded organizations, THANK YOU for supporting CSGW in helping to keep our children safe.



  1. Book a presentation for your school, team, community organization. We need a space that has room for audience members (if in person) and the ability to project the presentation (laptop, projector, screen – not all are required) Not able to get together in person? We can do a remote presentation via Zoom. To book your date, Contact Us at [email protected] 
  2. Share what you learn at the presentation. Have these conversations with your children, but also with your friends and family who are raising children. Spreading the word keeps our kids safe.
  3. Get a Device Contract – We talk about a Device Contract in our presentation and this will help you, as the parent or guardian and your child, as the user of the device, have the same expectations when it comes to how the device will be used. It will also outline what will happen if the expectations are not met.

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