2023 Cornerstone Winner – The Grand at 101

The Grand at 101 was named the Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington’s (CSGW) 2023 Cornerstone Award winner.

The Grand at 101 has provided ongoing media support to the local program in many ways. There are the regular monthly visits on Swap Talk, which is the only live talk show in Wellington County. Hosted by Rob Dutton and co-host and produced by McKim Ecclestone, Swap Talk offers unprecedented access to listeners that has had a direct impact on the effectiveness of CSGW. Crime awareness, education and prevention are regular themes, along with CSGW’s mandate of anonymous and confidential crime reporting.

The Centre Wellington-based radio station also supports fundraising initiatives by promoting the events on air as well as attending these events on the day of the event or offering a live call into the station to increase awareness for its listeners.

With The Grand at 101’s broad reach throughout Centre Wellington and the City of Guelph, not to mention their online audience, CSGW is able to engage with a large swath of the population within the region.

An example of the key importance radio engagement plays in fundraising was at the 2023 Guelph Shredding Event. Overwhelming support resulted in the shredding truck filling up faster than usual. With the assistance of the live remote provided by Austin Cardinell of The Grand at 101, CSGW was able to advise the community of this development and provide instruction on how to proceed.

Another illustration of the generous support of The Grand at 101 is the top-quality advertising production support. CSGW only has advertising dollars available when grant applications are successful. The Grand at 101 not only helps the program to maximize these funds by not charging for production services, but also shares these files with other community radio stations partnered with CSGW. This ensures top quality audio files with a consistent message are broadcast throughout the County of Wellington.

“Crime Stoppers was founded with the support of media partners and the Board is proud to present the 2023 Cornerstone Award to The Grand at 101 as stellar example of what a that partnership is meant to be,” said Dave Elloway, Chair of CSGW. “As a community-based organization, we rely on community-based support, and we know we have that with The Grand at 101.”

From left, CSGW Chair Dave Elloway presents the 2023 Cornerstone Award to McKim Ecclestone, Austin Cardinell and Rob Dutton along with Vice Chair Lowell Butts. The presentation took place at the annual CSGW Appreciation Dinner January 10, 2024.

“It’s always a joy to work with the dedicated folks at The Grand at 101,” said Sarah Bowers-Peter, CSGW Program Coordinator. “Knowing much they support Crime Stoppers and the work we do means a lot, and I’m thrilled they are being recognized with the Cornerstone Award.”

Representatives from The Grand at 101 were delighted with the recognition.

“The team at Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington is dedicated to making our community safer, and to play a part in that effort with The Grand at 101 is an honor. When I’m out in the Community Cruiser, I get to see firsthand the amazing things these organizations do to better our community. Without a doubt, Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington is one of them. My sincere appreciation to CSGW and the Board of Directors for this acknowledgment,” said Austin Cardinell in a statement from The Grand at 101.

“As hosts of a live talk show, McKim and I have a front row seat to the people and organizations that shape the community we live in. With Crime Stoppers we know our listeners will hear information that helps make safe neighbourhoods and shows them how to take an active part in reducing crime. It is our honour to receive this award and we look forward to our Tuesday nights with Crime Stoppers,” stated Rob Dutton behalf of McKim Ecclestone, regarding their weekly live talk show Swap Talk.

“As local radio for Centre Wellington and Wellington County, including Guelph, we are very proud of the partnerships we have with great organizations like Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington. These organizations are very important in our community and getting the word out on the work they do is paramount. I am so pleased for our team that CSGW has recognized us with this achievement award,” said Scott Jensen, President of The Grand at 101, in a statement.

The Cornerstone Award is presented annually to a business, organization or individual who demonstrates outstanding support of CSGW. The winner is announced during Crime Stoppers Month in January. This year’s theme for Crime Stoppers Month is “Stand Up, Stand Together”. This is an appropriate theme given this year’s winner and the support offered to Crime Stoppers, as well as the residents of the City of Guelph and County of Wellington.

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