New Look for CSGW Road Signs

There’s a new sign that you should contact Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW).

On May 30, CSGW representatives were joined by Wellington County OPP, Guelph Police Service, County of Wellington and local business members to celebrate the look of the new road signs. The launch took place at the corner of Edinburgh Road S and Wellington Street W in Guelph.

The signs are a departure from the previous design. “Say It Here” the call to action for CSGW is prominently displayed on the left side of the sign, along with the program’s logo that features the website and phone number to provide a tip. The words “anonymous” and “confidential” are on the right corner, over top of an image of a person using a cellphone on a colourful background. The tab across the bottom is a separate panel that features the name and logo of a community supporter who is partnering with the program.

The new road sign at Edinburgh Rd S and Wellington St W is just one of more than 20 CSGW Road Signs that will be updated with the new colourful signage.

Older or damaged signs will take priority, but eventually all signs throughout the City of Guelph and County of Wellington will be updated to the new design.

There are six image options for Road Sign partners; holding a cell phone, computer keyboard, an anonymous person, anti-racisim/inclusivity, victim support and a puzzle with a piece fall into place. Partners can opt for the theme they prefer.

Those on hand for the launch in Guelph include, from left, Staff Sgt. Ron Smith, Inspector Steve Thomas – both from Wellington County OPP, Leesa Keleher, Coordinator – CSGW, Deryck West, Chair – CSGW, Brad Barbour – the cooperators insurance and road sign partner, Const. Paul Hinchliffe – Guelph Police Service, Warden Andy Lennox – County of Wellington and Sarah Bowers-Peter- Program Coordinator CSGW.

Brad Barbour, of The Cooperators in Guelph, indicated his support for the Road Sign campaign, which started in 2012. Inspector Steve Thomas of Wellington County OPP, stated the importance of members of the public using the program and feels the signs will help with connecting with Tipsters. Wellington County Warden Andy Lennox echoed his support of the program in helping keep communities throughout the county safe. CSGW Chair Deryck West explained the history of the Road Sign campaign and the need to update the look and message in 2023.

Thank you to all the community partners who are joining the new campaign and supporting the Crime Stoppers message throughout the area.

Anyone interested in the Road Sign campaign is asked to contact CSGW by going to “Contact Us”.








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