2022 Cornerstone Award Winner: Skyjack

For Release – JANUARY 30, 2023

Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW) celebrated Guelph-based corporate partner Skyjack as the 2022 Cornerstone Award winner.

Skyjack, which hosts the annual Guelph Shredding Event, was represented by Vice President – Marketing Malcolm Early at the January CSGW Board meeting. At the presentation, CSGW Vice Chair Dave Elloway recalled the start of the relationship. A simple conversation between neighbors evolved into a partnership between Skyjack and CSGW.

CSGW struggled to find a location for the annual shredding event, and with the Skyjack parking lot on Woodlawn Road West enjoying high visibility and ample space for the drive-thru set-up, the connection seemed obvious, said Elloway.

From left, CSGW Vice Chair Dave Elloway holds the Cornerstone Award Plaque while Malcolm Early, Vice President of Marketing for Skyjack holds the Cornerstone award, presented to him by CSGW Chair Deryck West. The presentation took place at the January CSGW Board meeting.

Not only did Skyjack offer to host this event, but they also offered to cover the costs association with the shredding service, totalling more than $3,500 since 2019. Over this time, CSGW was able to raise approximately $12,000 from the shredding fundraisers. This does not include the priceless protection of hundreds of shredding customers each year who reduce the chance of being victims of identity theft by attending the events.

Fundraising is key to the work CSGW does in the community. Each dollar raised goes to Tipster rewards and to operate the program.

“This is a true partnership that has grown from its initial concept of a stable place to conduct an awareness, crime prevention and fundraiser with Skyjack,” said Dave Elloway, Vice Chair of CSGW Board of Directors. “Skyjack has embraced the concept of preventing identity theft for itself as an organization and has encouraged staff to get behind the concept of protecting themselves and their families.  Skyjack has become more than just a location for an annual event, they have embraced the opportunity to contribute to community safety.”

Early was presented with the Cornerstone Award on behalf of Skyjack, and the corporation was added to the commemorative CSGW plaque.

“We’re thrilled to be named the 2022 Cornerstone Award Winner,” said Malcolm Early, Vice President of Marketing at Skyjack. “We were more than happy to get involved with this initiative. We look to get involved in community events like this not just from a support point of view, but also to get employees at Skyjack engaged whether it be on the day or a benefit from the program itself.””

The Cornerstone Award is presented annually to a business, organization or individual who demonstrates outstanding support of CSGW. The winner is announced during Crime Stoppers Month in January. This year’s theme for Crime Stoppers Month is “Stand Up, Stand Together”. This is an appropriate theme given this year’s winner and the support offered to Crime Stoppers, as well as the residents of the City of Guelph and County of Wellington.


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