CSGW Tackles Auto Theft

Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW) is helping fight auto theft in the City of Guelph and County of Wellington.

Project Lockdown offers faraday technology in the form of a key pouch that will prevent the key fob from communicating with the vehicle. This means criminals will not be able to tap into that communication and steal the car or truck.

This Canadian-developed technology comes to Guelph Wellington thanks to CSGW, KYCS (Keep Your Community Safe) and GardaWorld.

CSGW is offering 50 free Key Fob Signal Protector Pouches on April 21, 2022 starting at 10:30 a.m. at Stone Road Mall parking lot (Edinburgh Rd Entrance near HomeSense). This will be a convenient drive-thru delivery and supplies are limited.

If you miss out on a free pouch, you are invited to purchase your pouch online by clicking here!. The pouches are $19.95 plus tax and shipping. Proceeds from this initiative will go to CSGW.

“Crime prevention is an important aspect of the work we do at CSGW,” according to Program Coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter. “If we have the opportunity to prevent someone from becoming a victim of crime, we want to everything we can.”

Auto theft is not only a frustration for owners, but it can result in increased insurance costs for motorists. This growing crime means that more automobile owners need to take measures to prevent this from happening to them.

Other tips to prevent your vehicle from being stolen include:

  • Never leave your vehicle running
  • Do not leave it unlocked
  • Do not leave purchases (bags or parcels) in plain sight
  • Do not leave electronics/phone chargers visible
  • Do not leave loose change or cash in plain sight
  • Do not leave sunglasses in plain sight
  • Do not have tools visible from the outside of the vehicle
  • Do not leave watches or jewelry in your vehicle
  • Roll up your windows
  • Pocket your keys – treat them like cash
  • At night, park in a well-lit area
  • Keep your registration and proof of insurance in your wallet or purse, not in the glove box
  • Install a remote car starter designed to shut off if anyone attempts to drive the vehicle without the key to reduce the chance of warm-up thefts
  • If you have a garage, use it

An insecure vehicle can also result in other crimes. Specifically, if your garage door opener is in your vehicle, and it is left unlocked, criminals can obtain that device and use it to access your home.

Most vehicles that are stolen are used in the commission of other crimes or transported overseas. You could be held responsible for crimes/damages committed with your vehicle if you do not take appropriate measures to secure your vehicle.

If you know someone who is stealing vehicles, you can report it anonymously and confidential by calling CSGW at 1-800-222-TIPS or provide a Webtip at www.csgw.tips. If your information leads to an arrest you may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,000.



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