August 2021 – Summer Crime Prevention

Are you enjoying summer as much as we are?

We are finally able to connect with people we care about and move out of our homes; from soaking up the rays on a patio to marveling at flora and fauna on a hike.

Summer can also be a busier time of year for criminal activity. While enjoying our warmer temperatures, we need to be careful not to give criminals any opportunities. Make sure your garage door is closed and secured. Don’t forget to lock your car especially when it has a garage door opener inside. When these are stolen, they can give criminals access to your home without having to break in. Why make it easier for them?
Keep valuable items secured when not in use. Tools, electronics and building materials are relatively easy to pick up and carry off. ATVs, boats, trailers and other recreational activity items can be hooked up to a vehicle and hauled away.
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Windows left open to catch a breeze can be a welcome opportunity for someone wanting to get in your home. While you are at work, close the windows and draw window coverings to prevent the sun’s rays from heating up your home. Crack those windows once you return.

One of the best ways to prevent crime is to connect with your neighbors. Have a chat with those in your neighborhood to ensure you keep your street safe. These people will be impacted if there is a crime at your home, just as you will be if something happens at theirs. Your neighbors are your first line of protection when you are away, and a strange vehicle pulls into your driveway.

Prevention only takes a moment. No one wants to think about crime, but no one wants to spend their summer filling out insurance claims, dealing with police regarding the theft at your home, or comforting your family after they have been victimization once something has happened.

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Exhausted and stressed out woman taking a break from the computer, rubbing her sore eyes.

A little prevention and awareness can make your summer safe, fun and crime free!

Remember, if you have information about a crime and wish to remain anonymous, submit a tip at or call 1-800-222-TIPS. Your information is confidential and if your tip leads to an arrest, you may receive a cash reward of up to $2,000.

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