(CITY OF GUELPH, ON) On the evening of Saturday May 22nd 2021, several people were approached by two males in the central part of the City of Guelph. In what appeared to be a fake taxi, one of the males posing as a passenger was asking people to use their debit or credit card to cover his fare in exchange for cash. The male claimed the driver would not accept cash due to the Covid pandemic.

On Sunday May 23rd 2021, a similar incident took place in the parking lot of Church of Our Lady. The victim provided their debit card to cover the $7 fare in exchange for $10 cash. What the victim did not realize was that the card returned to them was not theirs. The victim later discovered the stolen card was used to defraud them of more than $700.

Both suspects are described as male, Middle Eastern, in their 20’s with dark hair. The suspect posing as the passenger, is further described as approximately 5’6” in height with puffy hair and wore small square glasses.

The vehicle is described as a black car, possibly a Ford Crown Victoria, with a faded “Beck Taxi” sign on the roof.

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