Mulch Sale Fundraiser returns to Guelph

Gardeners rejoice! #MayMulchMonth sale is back!

The Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW) fundraiser, held this year in partnership with JL’s Home Hardware at all three Guelph locations, returns in the modified format; give customers the flexibility to shop for their mulch all month long and support Crime Stoppers. The sale is once again distanced and advanced ordering is required.


As with last year, customers can get their spring mulch needs filled at JL’s Home Hardware’s three locations; 545 Wellington Road, 295 Grange Road, and 1027 Gordon Street in the City of Guelph. This year, $1 from each bag sold will go to CSGW. This is a generous offer by the JL’s Team and we want to thank them for their financial support, as well as the efforts of the staff to facilitate the mulch sale for the entire month.

If you are looking for mulch, please call the preferred location in advance. JL’s staff will arrange for curbside pickup that complies with public safety requirements.

As this is a month-long mulch sale, we invite you to show us your flowerbeds with your mulch from JL’s Home Hardware and tag us and JL’s Home Hardware on social media. You can find CSGW at CSGWtips on Twitter and Facebook and crimestoppersgw on Instagram. We would love to see some beautiful gardens with your mulch!

Fundraising is a key part of Crime Stoppers as fundraisers, along with donations and sponsorships, are how the program is funded. The money raised goes to Tipster rewards as well as promoting the program. Like many charitable organizations, CSGW has been profoundly impacted by the

On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you to our loyal customers for asking for this fundraiser, and thank you to Andre Belisle and his staff at all three JL’s Home Hardware locations for hosting and operating #MayMulchMonth for a second year.


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