October Crime Stoppers Corner – FAQs






by Sarah Bowers-Peter
Program Coordinator
Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington

This month we’d like to answer some of the more commonly asked questions asked of Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW).

Q: Are you a police officer? A: No. No one in the CSGW office is a police officer. For programs who do have a police coordinator, they cannot be an active investigator, ensuring tips are kept confidential and are not police property.

Q: Do you investigate the Tips? A: No. We are the “middleman” when it comes to reporting crime. We forward the Tips to Wellington County OPP, Guelph Police Service or any of a number of Ministries with whom we have a Memorandum of Understanding that ensures they adhere to the CSGW Tip Management Policy.

Q:  Why do you talk about anonymity? A: Sometimes people have information about a crime, but don’t feel comfortable going directly to police, or, they don’t want to testify as a witness and be involved in the court process. When you contact CSGW, your identity is unknown, and we don’t want to know it. When we submit the Tip to the investigative agency, the officer doesn’t know who the Tipster is either.

Q: Does the government give you the money to pay rewards? A: Absolutely NOT! All funds

used to pay Tipster rewards are generated through fundraising events, sponsorships or donations. The CSGW Board is responsible for ensuring rewards are paid through fundraising, not tax dollars!

Q: Do you have to identify yourself to get your cash reward? A: NO! When a Tipster uses

the program, they are given a code. This code is how they can monitor the progress of their information. It is up to the Tipster to contact CSGW, because we don’t know who the Tipster is. If a Tipster calls in, provides their code, and we have an arrest as a result of their information, they qualify for a cash reward. We then give them details on how to pick up their reward, and it is different for each Tipster. You never need to provide identification and the funds are in cash so you do not have to worry about cashing a cheque.

Q: How can I get involved with Crime Stoppers? A: There are several ways. If you want to have an ongoing relationship with the program, you can apply to join our Board of Directors by going to www.csgw.tips and “Contact Us” to request your application. If you’d like to volunteer for a fundraising event, you can do the same but indicate that you simply want to volunteer. Supporting a CSGW fundraiser or making a donation to support the program is a great way to get involved and ensure we continue to make a difference in your community.

Q: Can you come speak to my school/group/business? A: Yes! We offer presentations online for students, seniors and community groups. Contact us through our website!

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