EPACT Presentations Booking Now

EPACT (Educate Parents And Children Together) is once again available to increase awareness of Cyber Safety, Child Luring, Human Trafficking and Crime Stoppers.

The concept, developed just over a year ago by Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW), allows parents and children to learn separately and ask questions to better understand how to deal with these threats.

Adults will start with the Human Trafficking and CSGW presentation, while youth will begin with the Cyber Safety and Child Luring discussion. After the hour-long session, the audiences will swap places, with the adults moving to Cyber Safety and Child Luring and the youth audience moving to Human Trafficking and CSGW talk.

EPACT can be offered to schools through parent councils, youth groups and sports teams. The only requirement is that youth participants must be at least 12 years of age. Parents of children young than 12 are welcome to attend on their own.

To book your free EPACT presentation, “Contact Us” and request dates for your event.

Thank you to Guelph Police Service and Wellington County OPP by supporting this initiative through the participation of Cornerstone Award Winners DC Hugh Currie and PC Jennifer Tschanz.




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