Tschanz, Currie named to 2019 Cornerstone Award

Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW) recognized two officers with the 2019 Cornerstone Award, one from Wellington County OPP and one from Guelph Police Service.

Provincial Constable Jennifer Tschanz of Wellington County OPP and Detective Constable Hugh Currie of Guelph Police Service were recognized at the January 8 CSGW Board meeting. The officers work with Program Coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter to deliver the Educate Parents And Children Together (EPACT) program to families across the City of Guelph and County of Wellington.

“EPACT has been a tremendously successful vehicle to increase awareness of Human Trafficking, Child Luring, Cyber Safety and Crime Stoppers,” said Bowers-Peter. “Without the support of PC Tschanz and DC Currie, we would not have the same impact.”

During EPACT presentations, CSGW will educate parents in one room regarding Human Trafficking and Crime Stoppers, while PC Tschanz or DC Currie speak to youth about internet safety and child luring. Following this first presentation, the audiences switch, with youth learning about CSGW and Human Trafficking and parents moving over to the police presentations. These presentations can be held for students, sports teams or youth groups.

“Both these officers have made sacrifices to ensure the success of EPACT, whether that is personal time, or juggling work responsibilities. They have also provided content and resources that take this concept to the next level,” said Bowers-Peter.

Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW) announced co-winners for the 2019 Cornerstone Award at the January Board meeting. Those on hand for the presentation include, from left, Detective Constable Hugh Currie of Guelph Police Service who received his award from CSGW Secretary Alex Boughen, while CSGW Chair Deryck West presents a Cornerstone award to Provincial Constable Jennifer Tschanz, which CSGW Program Coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter looks on with the Cornerstone Award plaque. The officers were recognized for their support of the CSGW Educate Parents And Children Together (EPACT) initiative to combat Human Trafficking and increase awareness of cyber safety.

“The Cornerstone Award was created to recognize the support and contributions of those who believe in Crime Stoppers, and I cannot think of a better example of why we have this award, than with PC Tschanz and DC Currie,” said CSGW Board Chair Deryck West. “It’s great to see our police partnerships in action like this.”

“I am honored to have been nominated for this award, and very proud of the partnership with Sarah Bowers-Peter for the EPACT presentations.” Said PC Tschanz. “I am passionate about educating our youth and am excited to continue this year with EPACT.”

“This award is a great honor and shows that the collaboration between Crime Stoppers and Police is a very important and effective way to deal with the issues in society, Internet safety and Human Trafficking, that effect our youth in so many ways, now and for years to come.  It is always great to educate kids and parents along side of Crime Stoppers,” said DC Currie.

Anyone interested in EPACT and wanting book a presentation can do so by going to www.csgw.tips and “Contact Us”.


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