CSGW Receives 100 WWCRW Funding for Impairment Initiative

Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW) was voted the winning cause at the December 16th 100 Women Who Care Rural Wellington (100 WWCRW) resulting in more than $10,000 in funding for the program.

The funds, raised by community-minded women in rural communities in the County of Wellington, are earmarked for an impaired driving initiative being developed by CSGW.

“The purpose of this new program is to increase awareness of impaired driving to youth within our community,” said Program Coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter. “They don’t know what impairment means until they are, in fact impaired, and then it’s too late.”

The 100 WWCRW funds will purchase impairment goggles, both for drug and alcohol impairment. It will also cover support materials that will allow CSGW to educate on the role we all play in reporting habitual impaired driving. The new program will be part of student engagement through CSGW and will also be available at public events throughout the year.

The concept was well received by the members in attendance, with positive feedback about the need for such programming. CSGW has been an advocated for crime prevention in recent years, not merely as an anonymous and confidential method of reporting crime.

Those onhand at the Dec 16th vote include, from left, 100 WWCRW Organizer Debra Whale, CSGW Program Coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter, 100 WWCRW Organizers Judy Dirksen, Kaye Ayres and Helen Edwards are joined by September 100 WWCRW benefactor The Raw Carrot representative Janice Benson. (Photo Credit Taylor Keunen)

100 WWCRW is a group that gathers four times a year and each member donates $100 to a cause that is nominated for consideration. Causes must be from the County of Wellington and benefit residents within this community. New members are welcome and anyone wanting to join 100 WWCRW are invited to do so. For more information on this outstanding organization, please visit 100 WWCRW here.


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