Guelph Police Service Cruisers Sport Decals

In a gesture of supporting the partnership between Guelph Police Service (GPS) and Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW), the service will be installing decals on 34 marked cruisers in the coming weeks.

The decals, which include the black and red CSGW logo, were donated to the service and feature the website and phone number to encourage the public to contact the program with any information they want to share anonymously and confidentially to stop crime.

With new cruisers being introduced to the fleet in the coming months, the decals will be more visible as the vehicles move through the City of Guelph. Highly reflective, the decals can be seen day or night.

GPS Chief Gordon Cobey and CSGW Secretary Alex Boughen check out the placement of the new CSGW decals on a GPS cruiser.


CSGW has a Memorandum of Understanding with GPS that allows the program to share Tips with the service. GPS have been long standing supporters of the program and have been able to solve numerous crimes as a result of Tipster information.

Guelph Police Service Chief Gordon Cobey thanks CSGW Secretary Alex Boughen for the donation of decals for 34 marked cruisers in the fleet. Deputy Chief Paul Martin was also on hand for the event.


Thank you Guelph Police Service for your continued support of CSGW!

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