Flag Raising in Guelph, Wellington

While it may be the coldest month of the year, nothing will stop Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW) and its supporters from flying the flag in support of the program every January!

The first flag raising, held January 7 at the flag poles outside Guelph City Hall, was a brisk day. Guelph Police Service Chief Jeff DeRuyter, Guelph City Councillor Phil Allt, Guelph Fire Service Chief John Osborne and Deputy Chief (and Board member Dave Elloway) joined Office Coordinator Leesa Keleher and Program Coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter.

The flag will fly at Guelph City Hall until January 25, marking Crime Stoppers Month within the City.


It was the traditionally freezing flag raising in the Township of Wellington North as local dignitaries and media attended the Mount Forest Museum and Archives on January 10th. 

In spite of the weather conditions, the event was well attended with Perth-Wellington MP John Nater, Wellington County OPP Staff Sgt Bruce Aitken, Township of Wellington North Mayor Andy Lennox, and Township of Wellington North Councillor Dan Yake joining CSGW Vice-Chair Deryck West and Program Coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter. 

The flag will be flown at this location for the month of January.

The 2019 theme for Crime Stoppers Month is “Say It Here”, which encourages members of the public to share what they know about crime “here” with CSGW.

The local program is also advocating “Join Us” as an appeal for Board members. CSGW is governed by a Board of Directors who represent all areas of Guelph and Wellington County. The Board is a positive, engaging, fun and rewarding body. It’s primary function is fundraise, which ensures there are resources to pay Tipsters for their Tips that lead to arrests.

Those interested in applying for this volunteer position are invited to “Contact Us” through the website. An application will be forwarded to interested applicants who reside or work within the City of Guelph or County of Wellington. 

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