Appreciation for Support from Brown Insurance

Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW) is fortunate to have support from members of the community. One of the businesses who have been onboard the longest is Brown Insurance of Mapleton Township.

Because of the donation of vehicle insurance from Brown Insurance, the Board of Directors is able to save that cost, and keep the funds they might have paid to cover this expense, and redirect the funds back into paying Tipster rewards.

President Jeremy Brown said insurance companies can attest to the impact CSGW has. By recovering property and cash, insurances companies often have fewer payouts to customers. It’s is always preferred to be able to return a client’s possessions to them. Since 1988 more than $37 million in drugs, cash and personal property have been recovered because of crimes solved by CSGW Tipsters.

Because of the long-standing relationship between CSGW and Brown Insurance, Treasurer Bonnie Facklam and Program Coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter visited the Moorefield office and thanked Mr. Brown and Office Manager Holly Grotenhuis.

Saying thank you and demonstrating appreciation is just another way CSGW is celebrating 30 Years of Crime Stoppers!


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