Buckets of Support for CSGW

The 2016 CSGW/Young’s Home Hardware Bucket Sale was another huge success, thanks to Mount Forest and area residents.

From left, CSGW Board member Rob Mattice, CSGW Program Coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter, Young’s Home Hardware owner Marty Young.

In spite of less than favorable weather, customers were willing to come out and support CSGW with a $5 donation, and receive Home Hardware bucket and a 20% discount on purchases they fit in the bucket.

The total amount raised over the two-day event was $1,556.70, signified by a ceremonial cheque presented by Young’s Home Hardware owner Marty Young, on behalf of his patrons who support the event in December. Many customers were generous and gave above and beyond the minimum donation.

CSGW thanks Marty Young and the staff of Young’s Home Hardware who ensure the event was a success. This is one more example of the outstanding support of the residents of Wellington North and surrounding area.


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