Unsolved Murder of Gregory Lembke, Mount Forest, Ontario

Gregory LEMBKE was a 26 year old man. He was separated from his wife at the time of his death and lived alone in a rural farmhouse outside of Ayton, Ontario. He did not own a motor vehicle.
On Saturday, January 4th, 1992, at approximately 4:00 p.m. the body of Gregory Murray LEMBKE was found lying in a bush lot north east of Mount Forest, Ontario. He had been shot in the neck and head at close range with a .410 calibre shotgun. The murder occurred at this location.

One spent .410 gauge, Remington 3″, Number 6 shot, shotgun shell casing, and one live .410 Remington shotgun shell were found in the middle of the driveway leading into the area, on the East side of the closed wooden rail gate.

A dark blue 4×4 style pick up truck was seen in Gregory LEMBKE’S driveway the evening before his body was found.

On April 15th,1992 police were informed of the discovery of two guns, located in the south ditch of the Egremont-Glenelg Township Line, in Southgate, Ontario. One gun was found to be a Norica, bolt action repeater, single barrel .410 gauge shotgun, model 1500 Ranger. This shotgun was confirmed as the gun that shot the spent .410 gauge shotgun shell found at the murder scene. This gun was found to have been stolen in a residential break-in late in 1991. Also stolen in this B and E was a Curtis video cassette recorder which was later recovered after being resold.

Police have conducted hundreds of interviews and completed all forensic testing, however the murder remains unsolved.


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